Our work and projects are intended to millions of lightworkers, love beings, indigo & crystal adults, and warriors of light on the planet.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

The Ten Nebula Empire

The Ten nebula Empire is my creation and it consist of all my work

I am very proud of it
the site is available

You can find it at www.tennebula.weebly.com

The Vision for My Work

It is my vision to create works that communicates my heart's passions.
It is my vision to create works that are aligned with my divine self's will.
It is my vision to create works that help me to become my fullest self.
I intend to strengthen spiritually light communities.
I intend to help humanity & the Earth Mother to heal and evolve.
I intend that my work helps to change the world in a positive & healthy way.
I intend to affect hundreds of millions of people on the planet for their highest good (p/p/f).
It is my intention to use all my skills and talents in ways that focus on light, joy & well-being.
I wish to create works that honor spirit, are fun, make my heart sing and helps others to raise their consciousness & vibration.
I create works dedicated to the light / love vibrations and The Great Mother Goddess (My Divine Source).

Functions for my work:
Self-help, karma yoga, fun, my passion, my self-expression

My work is created for and directed towards people who...
1. work with the light and love vibrations
2. work with the divine plan
3. are light workers (indigo adults & children)
4. are love workers (crystal adults & children)
5. are aligning with their higher/Christ self and or divine self
6. want to higher their vibration and consciousness
7. want to hold more light
8. are actively healing and clearing themselves
9. have a daily spiritual practice
10. want to reach their enlightenment and/or spiritual ascension in this lifetime
11. want to help the earth to spiritually ascend

My Personal Enlightenment & Spiritual Ascension

I intend to reach my enlightenment in this lifetime
I intend to reach my spiritual ascension in this lifetime
I intend to be one of the 144,000 that helps to make this planet a city of light
and assists the Earth in her own ascension

Learn more, visit
Enlightenment and Spiritual Ascension - http://enlightenmentandspiritualascension.blogspot.com/

Multi-Millionaire Status

I intend to do what I love and enjoy for my livelihood
I intend to clear any and all old, outdated beliefs I have about money that no longer serve me
I intend to use my money with love, light, joy, clarity and  wisdom
I intend to become a multi-milltionaire in this lifetime in ease and grace
(and I am pretty sure I can become a billionaire)

"Multi Before I Die"
- Quote from Jay Z & Biggie Smalls

Learn more, visit
Money, Abundance & Spirit -

"10 Million Lightworkers for Financial Freedom" Project - http://10millionlightworkers.wordpress.com/

Millionaires, Billionaires, Trillionaires......Oh My!!!!! - http://millionairebillionairetrillionaire.blogspot.com/

My Personal Journey with Finding My Path

To learn all about my personal journey,
Read my full length story on my site

Visit, The Ten nebula Empire

Thursday, January 2, 2014

I Enjoy Giving!

I love giving back
I love to donate, volunteer, and do karma yoga

I volunteered at numerous places like:
NY Open Center
PG&E Earth Day Clean-up
Integral Yoga Institute
Green Festival
Celebrate Brooklyn Arts Festival
SF Vegetarian Society