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Thursday, July 5, 2012

People Who Inspire Me (Thank You!!!!)

My Spiritual Family
My Personal Spiritual Family - who love and care for me so much. thanks for all your support!
My Christ & Divine Self you are with me & guide me 24/7
My Spirit Guides, My Guardian Angel, My Animal Power Spirits

The Earth Mother - she is so powerful and generous. She makes me want to be more. I love her!

Psychic, Channelers
Barbara Marciniak - who is an amazing channeler
Amorah Quan Yin - whose psychic & light work books changed me forever
Sanaya Roman
Jodi Serota

Healers, Holistic Health Practioners
Queen Afua - her health center in brooklyn was one of the first I visited that was owned and runned by a successful black women.
Abraham - Hicks

Spiritual Teachers
angel Kyodo williams - who is a great spiritual teacher and leader. I enjoy her spaciousness!
Tuesday May Thomas
Marianne Williamson
Louise Hays

Witches, wiccans, and Pagan TeachersStarhawk
Diane Stein
Ariel Spilsbury

Business & Entrepeneur Gurus
Oprah - who is the big mamma of entrepeneurship and an exceptional business woman
T. Harv Eker
Richard Branson - I love your passion
Russell Simmons - You are wonderful.
All of you self-made millionaires - who are doing what you love, keeping your intergrity, and running your own companies

Hip-Hop Artists
Jay - Z - I love his confidence
Kanye West - I like his dramatic flare

Actors & Film Makers
Leonardo Dicaprio - He is an amazing actor who always gives 100%
Kiera Knightly - I think she is so graceful, strong and captivating
Tyler Perry - a man of color, so prolific in his endeveours, does work that benefits the black race

Ray Bradbury - his writing is unique and beautiful

Prince- whose voice range astounds me.
Bjork - whose style is so imaginative
Beyonce - She is a very focused individual who does what is right for her
Patti Labelle - I love her voice. She is a standard for me.

Stan Lee - I love the passion he put into his comics. I love that his work is so big. Comic books, television shows, and movies. I also like that he does cameos in his films.
Alex Grey - amazing!!!!!!

Tyra Banks - a woman of color, amamzing model, mogul, who does what she loves and is very expansive
Christy Turlington - beautiful woman, who is so ageless, she consistently models, and does amazing humanitarian work to help the wwhole
Kate moss - I have loved you since high school


My Fabulous Mentor

I would love to have Tyra Banks as a personal mentor.
I think she has has so many qualities I admire.
She would be an amazing business mentor.

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My Personal Work Team

I intend to start first with me in creating the life I want and then I intend to attaract lots of great people to be a part of my fantastic work team:

drivers, gardeners, servers, maids, butlers, lawyers, consultants, executive & personal assistants, trainers, stylists, security, managers, etc. 

Big Homes, Big Things!!!!!!!

I intend to own houses, lofts, apartments, manshions, castles, beach houses, and condos, worldwide.
I intend to live in & own a beautiful home in San Francisco.
I intend to own an amazing condo in NYC on the upper east side.
I intend to own a beautiful manshion in Beverly Hills.
I intend to own a beautiful vacation home in The Hamptons.
I Intend to own a great beach house in Connecticut, Malibu, or Venice Beach.
I Intend to own a great country in the north east (i.e. Veront, maine, etc)