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Monday, September 1, 2014

My Life Vision

My vision for my life.....

I intend to live a life that honors The Great Mother Goddess, My Source.
I intend to live my life with integrity.
I intend to live an extraordinary life
I intend to become my authentic and fullest self.
I intend to enjoy all aspects of my life.
I intend to enjoy my time on the planet
I intend to heal and clear myself on all levels of being
I intend to bring balance to all apects of my life
I intend to bring balance and harmony to all my holographic selves
I intend to make the world a better and brighter place
I intend to live in joy, gratitude, and abundance
I intend to fulfill my spiritual purpose and life's work
I intend to be self-loving, self-trusting, self-respecting, self-honoring, self-accepting, and self-appreciating.
I intend to travel the globe
I intend to co-create amazing, healing relationships with people I love
I intend to cultivate becoming a great human being, daughter, friend, sister, girlfriend, wife, mother, healer, businesswoman, entrepeneur, co-worker, employee and employer.
I intend to continue to grow and learn until my spiritual ascension

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