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Sunday, November 16, 2014

My Professional Education

Ten Nebula believes in healing her own shadows first before assisting others. By strenthing her connection to source, she then has more knowledge & guidance to offer her clients. She has spent much time studying and using the healing arts in her own life.

Also, a very important step in Ten Nebula's education is that she has been trained and assisted on her personal path by etheric beings of the divine plan, her spirit guides, her christ & divine self, her power animal spirits, ascended masters, archangelics of light, interplantery beings and Goddesses of The Divine Plan. She is grateful to all of those that have helped her to heal & taught her about light.

Her Education:
City College of NY for Art History - NY, NY
Usui Ryodo Reiki Master Level - Brooklyn, NY
Heart & Hands Midwifery Intensive with Elizabeth Davis - CA
Berkeley Psychic Institute (Attended various workshops) - Berkeley, CA
Volunteer Training at Pathways Home Health & Hospice - Oakland, CA
Home Health Aide @ Omega Health Services - Brooklyn, NY
The Breema Center (Attended various workshops) - Oakland, CA
NY Open Center (Attended various workshops) - NY, NY
Intro to Craniosacral course @ McKinnon Body Therapy Center - Oakland, CA

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